HELLO!! <3

Promise I will try my best to be more active. I know this will help me get through the day. I am being stressed and sometimes feel like I need to voice out and I just need people who are amazing right now. A lot had happened. I mean a LOT. I moved out from … Continue reading HELLO!! ❤


Takoyaki in Agemono

Hello Everyone! How are you? I will be sharing about food, Takoyaki Specifically! Takoyaki is a snack that Originated in Japan. Read more here. This is the first Place I have visited that sells Takoyaki. I am sure there's more places, tho not that many who caters this oh so yummy food. You can buy #Takoyaki from @agemono.dubai near … Continue reading Takoyaki in Agemono

Travel Bucket List


Imperfect Beauty

There’s so many beautiful locations in the world that I’m itching to see. I’m fortunate enough to have seen a fair few locations but there’s still other destinations I have yet to tick off my bucket list. Hopefully, I can see the majority of these places before I’m 30 (just over 5 years). I love reading these posts and thought I would make one of my own, so here is my Travel Bucket List.

 Bora Bora

I’d have to inherit a lot of money in order to afford a vacation to Bora Bora, but I can dream, right? This is my dream honeymoon destination. It’s so peaceful and romantic, absolute paradise. The scenery is postcard perfect, I can’t believe how blue the water is.


Just as stunning, and slightly more attainable, is the beautiful Maldives. Before I’d heard of Bora Bora, this was my ultimate honeymoon…

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Hello, Guys!!! This is a post that I saw yesterday, night. It's such a great help and would even make you feel relieved.  It's an article by Dubai based bloggers, Naomi and Priyanka. To read the whole article, click here! Obsession with makeup increases = the more my skin starts to break out. Experimenting is … Continue reading INGREDIENTS IN YOUR FOUNDATION CAUSING BREAKOUTS AND HOW TO COMBAT ACNE! – Reblog